NCV3 service manual (2007 vintage) – HTML version

There’s a copy of the 2007 Sprinter service manual circulating online. Most of the content of that manual is still applicable to later model Sprinters, although it’s obviously missing information about the DEF, DPF and other emissions systems.

It was only designed to run on Windows XP and a really old version of Internet Explorer because it relies on ActiveX to run. We updated the files so the manual works in newer browsers and across different platforms (Mac, Linux). Continue reading “NCV3 service manual (2007 vintage) – HTML version”

Removing the rear door panels on Crew and Passenger vans

The trim surrounding the door handle is flimsy, so be careful when you remove it.

If you have a Crew or Passenger van, it’s likely that you have the rear door panels installed. These have handy storage compartments in them.

If you want to insulate behind them or install a rear view camera in the license plate area, you’ll have to remove the panels.

Just recently we realized that we never described how to do this on the site. We’ve had several people ask how to take the trim off the door handle area, so here’s the missing information. Continue reading “Removing the rear door panels on Crew and Passenger vans”

Front window air vents from Reimo/EuroCampers

Close-up of the window vent

The MaxxAir fan is great, but it can’t do its job if the rest of the van is sealed up. It needs a flow of air in/out of the vehicle. We’ve thought about replacing the window behind the driver with an aftermarket vented one, or making another hole in the floor or step area to act as a vent.

Before we did that though, we wanted to try these slide-in metal vents from EuroCampers. They fit in the driver’s and co-driver’s windows and are held in place when you roll the window glass up.

First impressions are that they are functional but not the type of quality you might expect for the cost.

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Ordering a Sprinter – what all the options mean

Sprinter build site

When you order a Sprinter, there are loads of different options you can choose. Some make more sense for a conversion van than others. Some come in packages which are great value. Others come in packages where there’s little additional value at all (Mercedes branded flashlight, anyone?)

Here’s a list of most of the options you’ll care about, what they really mean, and whether they’re worthwhile having for a conversion van.

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