NCV3 service manual (2007 vintage) – HTML version

There’s a copy of the 2007 Sprinter service manual circulating online. Most of the content of that manual is still applicable to later model Sprinters, although it’s obviously missing information about the DEF, DPF and other emissions systems.

It was only designed to run on Windows XP and a really old version of Internet Explorer because it relies on ActiveX to run. We updated the files so the manual works in newer browsers and across different platforms (Mac, Linux).

Get a copy here, unzip it, and open the default.htm file (NOT index.htm).

The original version was a series of XML files that an ActiveX control interpreted on-the-fly. We turned the XML into HTML. There might be some functionality that didn’t make it through the conversion. For instance, the wiring diagrams are in SVG format, which Chrome reads just fine. However, the hyperlinks in the wiring diagrams will NOT work.

No warranty, use at your own risk, don’t ask us for support. If you can’t figure it out, you probably shouldn’t be using it.

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