NCV3 service manual (2007 vintage) – HTML version

There’s a copy of the 2007 Sprinter service manual circulating online. Most of the content of that manual is still applicable to later model Sprinters, although it’s obviously missing information about the DEF, DPF and other emissions systems.

It was only designed to run on Windows XP and a really old version of Internet Explorer because it relies on ActiveX to run. We updated the files so the manual works in newer browsers and across different platforms (Mac, Linux). Continue reading “NCV3 service manual (2007 vintage) – HTML version”

Sprinter A and B service costs – how to avoid dealer tricks

Service A dash message

If you call a dealer and ask how much their Sprinter A and B services cost, it won’t sound too terrible. That’s because dealers have started quoting just for an oil change, not the additional preventative maintenance that is required.

Once you drop the van off, they’ll subsequently let you know the extra cost -and time – for items such as replacing fuel filters, etc.

Do your homework. You need to know what items are typically required during the two types of service and you need to make sure the dealer quotes for all of them before you commit to getting the service done.

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Sprinter antenna replacement and repair

How about a shark fin antenna instead of the stock one?

We’ve already written about how flimsy the Sprinter’s antenna (aerial) is. We’ve repaired ours before after snapping off part of the housing when we caught the mast on something.

This time, we needed to remove the antenna from the roof to really glue it back together properly. Here’s how we did it, and some other options if you can’t make the repair work.

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Drill press: the proper tool for drilling straight, round holes

Drilling out the hitch pin to fit the Reese lock

Our latest entry in the “Why didn’t we do this two years ago?” category is buying a bench mounted drill press. This thing is so much easier to work with than a hand drill.

We’ve been able to borrow access to our neighbor’s floor mounted monster drill on occasion, but he’s a woodworker and aluminum swarf is a bad idea to have around his shop. Now we have our own hole maker.

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