Enter the Escape Pod

This is not your grandparents’ RV! The Escape Pod is a self-contained way to reach mountain bike trails and see the world. It’s a Mercedes Sprinter 4WD van with solar panels and a lithium powered electrical system so we can spend weeks away from civilization. Bamboo cabinetshot and cold shower and sink, diesel heat, and a platform bed above a bike and gear storage area.

We did all of the conversion work ourselves, and you can too!

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Because the starter battery isn’t very big, most conversion vans use a separate 12 volt power system to run lights, a fridge, fans, chargers, power for a diesel heater and so on.

If you want to run 120 volt appliances like an induction cooktop, microwave, hot water heater or similar, then you’ll also need an inverter to turn 12v DC power into 120v AC power.

You’ll need batteries to store this power, and a way to recharge the batteries like solar, your engine alternator, or a generator.

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We have hot and cold running water to a sink and faucet inside the van, and a shower at the back doors. We use electricity to heat our water. All our water tanks are inside the van so they don’t freeze in the winter. Continue reading “Plumbing”

Climate – heating, cooling, insulation

We live in a part of the world that sees snow in the winter and drought in the summer. We travel to biking destinations across the country. We wanted insulation, heat and cooling options that will work for our lifestyle. Continue reading “Climate – heating, cooling, insulation”