4 Replies to “TruckFridge TF130 will take a whole pizza in its box!”

    1. You’re welcome. We have only been to the West Side Jacksons on Delaware. If you go for breakfast, the Corner Christo is a pretty good eat – A french toast sandwich with ham, fried egg, and cheese in the middle.

  1. Good morning,

    The cabinet that can be seen from the sliding door, is the refrigerator?
    Would you recommend putting ther, with support from the step, a small fridge?

    Thanks, very impressive work,

    Yishay Zeevy

    1. Hi, the cabinet in the sliding door area is not the fridge, it’s just a cupboard. There’s no reason not to put a fridge there though. Just remember that the back of the fridge needs good ventilation to help it keep cool.

      We chose not to put the fridge there because we wanted to be able to take the cabinet out and have access to the whole sliding door area if we needed it. Mostly we found that we don’t need that extra storage space.

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