Foam pipe insulation for bed-to-head protection

The front end of our bed platform is right above the passenger bench seat. We added foam pipe insulation to the platform to protect our noggins from getting whacked.

To make it look fancy, we covered the pipe insulation in black vinyl. It’s not exactly the same color as the seat upholstery, but it looks just fine.

Our vinyl was a leftover from another job, so we had to stitch two pieces together. Luckily we could do this in a position which aligned with the edge of the bench seat.

Bed platform headrest stitching

We used 3M 80 adhesive (which is made specifically for foam and vinyl) rather than the regular 3M 90 spray, although 90 would probably work just fine for this small job.

The pipe insulation foam is split along its length. We had to cut a couple of shapes out of it to allow it to fit around the aluminum frame on the underside of the bed panels. We also stuck a piece of Velcro to the middle of the bed panel and to the foam so that it doesn’t slip off when we climb in and out of bed.

It’s made a big difference to our comfort sitting in the passenger bench seat. We don’t hit our heads on the bed any more, and we don’t crane our necks trying to avoid the bed panel. The vinyl cover blends in well and makes the front of the bed panel look more finished too.

Bed in place with vinyl covered foam cushioning above bench seat
Bed in place with vinyl covered foam cushioning above bench seat

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