Removing the cup holder from underneath the passenger bench seat

Our Sprinter came with a cup holder under the three-person crew bench seat. It’s made of plastic, it doesn’t hold cups well, and it stops us from being able to push a milk crate sized container under the seat, so we took it out. 

To start with we couldn’t work out how to remove it. It’s hard to get to the bolts while the seat is in place. In fact, it’s almost impossible.

The impossible bolts

However, once we’d removed the seat and laid it on its back, everything became clearer.

Removing the bench seat cushion upholstery

If you pull up on the plastic clip that holds the front of the bench seat cushion in place, it unclips. Now, you can lift up the foam seat cushion and expose the four T25 bolts that hold the cup holder in place.

The removed cup holder showing how the bolts mount

We used a ratcheting wrench with a T25 bit to remove the bolts, but a short screwdriver would do the job just as well.

Now we have the space to store things properly under the seat, which is much more valuable to us than the plastic cup holder thing.

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