SprinterVanUSA.com is a hobby site. We put it together for family and friends to follow our DIY Sprinter van conversion build. We soon found out that other people benefitted from the information on the site, so now we try to make sure our content will be useful to other DIY converters too.

We aren’t trying to be a definitive, complete source of information or to tell people how they should build their vans. Use some common sense before you try to use any of the information on this site for your own purposes. Do your own research, including understanding local regulations, safety standards and requirements.

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If you want to ask questions, do so via the comments section on a relevant posting. Posting your question publicly benefits other people who may be wondering the same thing. If you really need to contact us, send email to dieselfumes @ the site’s domain name.

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The techniques and procedures we used to build our van may not be suitable for other installations. We offer no guarantees that our installation is safe or code-compliant. If you choose to use our experiences as the basis for your own van conversion, you do so at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for your stupidity.


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