For Sale – Sprinter and conversion parts

During the build process, we’ve ended up with some stock Mercedes Sprinter parts that we removed from the van, and some conversion parts that we ended up not using. Here’s your chance to get them cheap…

Interested? You can contact us at dieselfumes [at] sprintervanusa [dot] com

Driver and passenger regular height seat base – $100 each

Seat bases - regular height on the right, lower on the left

Regular height metal seat bases for the driver and passenger seats. Silver Grey color will most likely look good in most van interiors. Driver seat base has the (factory) hole for a cigarette lighter power outlet. ~ $200 each new.

Rubber floor mat- $100

Crew van rubber floor mat, 170″ wheelbase van, holes for bench seat mounting points in the first row location. This mat comes in two pieces. It should work just fine in a 144″ van – you just need to cut a slice out of the front edge of the rear piece. Also comes with the aluminum strip that covers the join in the two pieces. Removed from van upon purchase.

We will NOT ship this item. Seattle area pickup only.

Vinyl wall panel below driver side crew window – $40

Cover panel for the wall below the driver side window next to the bench seat in a crew van. Vinyl covered pressboard. Removed from van upon purchase.

We will NOT ship this item. Seattle area pickup only.


OEM bench seat cupholder – $15

Cupholder under the passenger bench seat

Don’t have enough cupholders in your life? This one bolts on the the underside of the passenger bench seats. It pulls out to offer two adjustable cup holders. It pushes back in to stow out of the way when it’s not in use.

IsoTemp SPA 6 gallon water heater/tank – $400

Unused – we couldn’t fit this in the space we had available so we had to buy a different one. This marine grade 25 liter (6 gallon) tank has a stainless interior, 750W 120v heater element, tempering valve to ensure water is always a constant temperature, and optionally can use the engine coolant to heat the water.

Details (Indel website).

Valterra R8042 42″ (21 gallon) ABS tank – $80

42″x 16″ x 8″ black ABS tank for potable water. Tasteless, odorless, non-toxic. Internal baffles. 3/8″ NPT threaded access ports. Unused. We needed a slightly smaller size of the same design for our location, and we love it. $110 on Amazon.

Viair 2.5 gallon air tank – $45

200 PSI rating, 2.5 gallon 6 port tank. Unused. Turned out to be just too tight a fit for our location. $72 on Amazon.

Viair 90007 Air Source Relocation Kit – $10

Quick connect coupling, compression fittings, and 15′ of air line. $20 on Amazon.



Prices above don’t include shipping. All take-off parts are from a 2015 170″ crew 4×4 vehicle. Make sure they’ll fit your van before you buy.