Choosing between a high roof and a pop-top van

1970 Volkswagen Westfalia conversion

If you’ve come from a Westie background, you’ll be used to the benefits of a pop-top camper conversion. But back when Westfalia first converted Volkswagen vans there were no other options you could stand up in.

The high roof Sprinter has 6’3″ of headroom. If stand-up height is your only concern, a pop-top may not be a good fit for you.

Here are the pros and cons of the high roof van versus the low roof with a pop-top conversion.

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There’s nothing “Stealth” about camping in a Sprinter

Overnight city parking - urban camping

People often refer to parking overnight in an inhabited area as “stealth camping.” Unless your Sprinter has no exterior adornments, no condensation on the window glass, local license plates, and absolutely no light showing through the window covers, it’s unlikely you’ve gone unnoticed. What’s more important is that you are not disturbed.

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Cutting bed mattress foam to size

Mattress foam clamped and being cut

Our memory foam mattress was 80″ long. Our bed panel was 73″ long. Time to cut the mattress down to size.

The traditional tool for this is an electric carving knife with two reciprocating blades like a mini hedge trimmer. We don’t have one, so we clamped the foam to compress it, then sliced it with a razor blade. It worked really well, with a smooth, straight cut line.

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